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No matter what anyone says, there’s something just plain wrong about having pink chanukah candles!


women’s bathrooms

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During an intermission at any event anymore I always stand in line at the women’s bathroom.  I figure even if I don’t have to go when I get in line by the time I finally get a stall I’ll need it!

Identifying the attacker

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No, this isn’t about assault.  It’s about stupid(my favorite subject). 

Why do people think that they can name the exact person who gave them the flu or a cold.?  “I got this from you” is inane.  You’re contaminated so many times throughout the day by germs that I assure you that you really don’t want to think about it.  Every door you touch,  person you stand near and don’t even get me started on  cash.  How’s that magic pen doing that you use to sign your name with when you swipe your credit card?  Think someone with germy cold ridden hands might have handled it before you?

Point being, NO, you really have no idea where you caught your cold but if you’re pissed off at someone go ahead and blame them.

getting older

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The fact that I’m physically getting older doesn’t bother me nearly as much as I’m technically getting older.  When I  have to put in the year I was born on line I’m finding that I have to scroll down a little bit more now.  If it’s age groupings I have to check I’m now in the next set of parenthesis.  The next one after that says “and up” and we know what comes at the end of “and up”.

seperation of church and state

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Not in the constitution Christine?  Hmmmmmmm, would you like a little more rope?


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Two things people do not want to see when it comes to pregnancies and births.

1) Sonograms- Only the grandparents are interested and I’m not so sure about that.  People like to see flesh on babies!

2) Placenta- Pictures of the placenta after delivery…need I say(much) more. Go put it in your conditioner but please don’t show it to me.

freedom of speech

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People want freedom of speech when they think they have something of consequence to say but are against it when they don’t agree with someone else’s words or they’re hurtful.  Problem is, IF you want to have freedom of speech, you have to be willing to have both.

It’s not the same as running into a theater and yelling “Fire”, where your words,due to their consequences, can cause physical harm.

I don’t have to like what you say.  I can hate what you say but Freedom of Speech is not about like or dislike.  It’s about tolerance.